The sequence of these steps is not fixed. Each woman will be unique in the way she moves through the process. Some women will have begun their own therpeutic interventions. Others may need help beginning their journey to healing. These steps may be helpful for a woman who would like to begin her journey to healing:

We want to help you understand that it is necessary to forgive those responsible for and involved in your abortion if you are to be truly free. In forgiving others you will come to understand forgiveness for yourself.

The key questions that a woman who is struggling after an abortion has to resolve are:

You must remember that, as part of closure, there will be times when you will feel sadness when you think of your child. That is normal. It does not mean that you are not healed. Rather, those tears will be a sign of your healing.

The healing process is often made easier when you are helped by others. We would like to help you or put you in touch with those who can help you. Please e-mail us or call us at 1-800-5WE-CARE. We're here to be with you as you journey to healing.