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Mother's Day

Dear Friends:

I approached this Mother's Day with a happier heart and lighter spirit. Much of the past year was spent struggling with the guilt and regret of my abortion, which took place 23 years ago. I buried these feelings for so long. Hiding them from everyone that I loved and cared about, including my husband. I had almost convinced myself that I hadn't become pregnant at age 16. That it wasn't me that was scared, ashamed and lonely and looking for a way to make it all better. I was successful in forgetting my abortion for quite a while. But after four years of infertility and the joyous birth of my son Scott, the guilt and regret began to surface again. With every glimpse of my baby boy, the subsequent birth of his sister Rachel, and the Pro-Life bumper stickers that I couldn't help but see, I began to think more and more of the child that could have been mine all those years ago.

My anxiety regarding my abortion experience recently became overwhelming. I prayed for God's forgiveness and sought help. .God sent such wonderful people to help me with my struggle. They listened, counseled and offered endless emotional support. They understood my feelings because they had experienced them too. I wasn't alone! I soon realized that this burden called GUILT had effected every aspect of my life. Sharing my feelings helped to dissolve the guilt and resulted in the most freeing experience of my life.

The most important things I have learned in my post-abortion healing are that I am not alone in my feelings regarding my abortion experience. Countless mothers and fathers of aborted babies feel just as I did.

Secondly, I have learned that God is merciful regardless of how great you feel your sin is. God's precious gifts of forgiveness and compassion are there for the taking. All you need do is ask.

The result of my struggle has been a renewed spirit. I find comfort in the knowledge that my daughter, Gracie, is living a wonderful life with our Father in Heaven. .And that we will be together one day. Until then I share my story of hope and renewed faith with those who read this. Trust that the Lord will forgive and strengthen you. Trust that there are people who care about you and understand your feelings. Trust that there are beautiful days ahead. LMC

Anyone else wishing to share the good news of their hope and healing is invited to submit your experience to the editor at noparh@juno.com. Please indicate that this is possibly for the Hope and Healing section of the WEB page

Please remember that we are not here to judge you--we are here to help you. If you would like any more information, advice, or help, please e-mail us or call us at 1-800-5WE-CARE. We're ready to help you throughout your journey of healing!

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